Sun’s Magnetic Flip Coming!

Sun’s Magnetic Flip Coming!

Aug 08

Scientists say that the sun will undergo a magnetic flip in the next couple of months.  This happens once every eleven years and will have effects throughout the solar system.  The sun’s polar magnetic field weakens and will reverse.  The sun’s north pole will go from negative to positive and the sun’s south pole will switch from positive to negative.

The sun is expected to reverse its poles in a few months

NASA observatories indicate that the flip will happen in the next 3-4 months.  In fact, the north pole has already flipped!  What happens when it flips?  The sun’s sheet which is a massive surface 10,000 km thick and billions wide will become wavy.  This wavy sheet will create cosmic stormy weather throughout the solar system.  It will also deflect cosmic rays and protect astronauts and shuttles from space particles.

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