Check out these Dinosaurs today!

Check out these Dinosaurs today!

Nov 15
Check out these Dinosaurs today!

If you love dinosaurs, check out Dinosaurs!  A Kids Book About Dinosaurs – Fun Facts & Amazing Pictures about Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Prehistoric Animals & More – free today on the Amazon Kindle store.

Learn about the Prehistoric Animals that roamed the Earth for over 150 million years. Take this journey through the Age of Dinosaurs to learn about 15 amazing dinosaurs. Learn about the anatomy, feeding habits and behavior of many of the most fascinating dinosaurs that ever lived. Learn about the following dinosaurs and pre-historic animals:

  • The ferocious Tyrannosaurs Rex
  • The three horned Triceratops
  • The deadly Veliciraptor
  • The dumb Stegosaurus
  • The meat-eating Spinosaurus
  • The dino-bird Archaeopteryx
  • The large Brachiosaurus
  • The attacking Allosaurus
  • The lumbering Apatosaurus
  • The fast Dilophosaurus
  • The honking Parasauropholos
  • The smart Utahraptor
  • The bullish Carnotaurus
  • The tank-like Ankylosaurus
  • The slashing Deinonychus
  • The charging Pentaceratops

Walk with us through the land of dinosaurs!